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Introduce myself

Dear All:
       Welcome to my website! Warm greetings from Yang Yan! Yang is my family name, Yan, my given name. My family and my friends usually call me Yan, when translating it to English, Yan means “blossom”, which I like! 
      I came to Beijing to work in a wonderful courtyard hotel in 2008, few months right before the Olympic Games started. My hotel is a quite traditional, tranquil and charming one. Its unique atmosphere had attracted many guests from all over the world to stay in.
      I had been working as a barmaid there for few years. My job had provided me many wonderful opportunities to communicate with our guests both in Mandarin and English. After working my greatest passion was to tour guests around Beijing, which, both I and the guests enjoyed so much, much love and laugh were shared between us. Those lovely experiences made me realize that my heart’s desire was to bring joy and happiness to people by being a professional English tour guide.
I then worked very diligently for my dream for the next two years. Lots of work but lots of gain. Finally, in 2013 I passed my oral and written tour guide examinations and was granted the tour guide certificate. I see it is not only a great honor but also a joyful responsibility for me.
        My old dream was to become an English tour guide, it has been successfully fulfilled and I’ve been enjoying it so much. Next, to become a excellent English-Speaking tour guide is my new goal, I believe I am making it become true.
        So, please feel welcome to join me---a joyful spirit full of passion, dream, friendliness and sincerity; together we will make your journey in Beijing a memorable and beautiful one!